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Located in the small town of Maluk, on the island of West Sumbawa, Indonesia. It is not a place exploited for tourism such as Bali. You will not find international franchises or restaurants, but if the real Indonesia, no added. pristine white sand beaches, lush vegetation, rice fields, wild horses, friendly people and good food will delight travelers seeking authenticity. In addition, Sumbawa are some of the best waves in Indonesia.

One is Super Suck, rated as the best wave "37 mo" SURFER magazine. Maluk Bay welcomes this incredible wave with coral reef background. Access from Bali is easy by boat. SuperSuck Hotel has a quick move from Bali and surf excursions catamaran. There are points that wish to keep secret and only know the hand of their guides. Charters SUP also have to access flatter waters. SuperSuck Hotel is a simple hotel, very clean and comfortable, located directly opposite Super Suck. There are other available activities like diving or excursions in the area. Sumbawa is one of the largest islands of Indonesia and one that has a greater potential yet undiscovered.

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