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Papatura Island Retreat is in an idyllic bay of crystal waters on the island of Santa Isabel in the Solomon Islands. Is 8 minutes by boat from the airports. Papatura village is a jewel of the South Pacific, with excellent surfing, world class fishing, diving on coral reefs, a forest and an interesting Melanesian culture. All this outside the commercial circuit of mass tourism.

Papatura has a wide variety of waves in the area for both beginners and advanced surfers. Most are at a distance by boat 20 minutes. The surf is fairly consistent and the best waves occur from November to April. They are the same waves that hit Hawaii which come to the Solomon Islands a few days. They can range from 3-6 feet and breaks are heavily influenced by waves, tide and wind. All waves break on coral reefs. Very few surfers have surfeao the area so it is easy to find waves "unsurfed". Surf tours are held 2 times a day. They include free use of a wide range of tables. They are also the only resort in the Solomon Islands Stand Up Paddle offers. Accommodation is in 4 types of bungalows built with traditional materials and respecting the environment. Everybody has a magnificent view of the beach and are surrounded by coconut palms and wild orchids. Papatura Island Retreat puts its bit in the local community by providing income to use its maritime channels and offering an alternative to logging and commercial fishing.

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