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SOLSURF Retreat is located on the island of Santa Isabel, one of the least visited islands of the Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands is a destination of unexplored surf partly because of its lack of roads, few conveyances and few tourist accommodations. Unlike other islands, the Solomon Islands are tribal territory and to enter many places it is necessary to know a local family and ask permission from the authorities.

In SOLSURF Retreat he has a great knowledge of the area and have the support of the local community. There are many surf spots to discover, most have never been surfed or rarely. SOLSURF Retreat travels through the mangroves and coral reefs to find them. A 5 to 30 minutes by boat no breaks for all levels. The more experienced will enjoy challenging reef passes. The best waves occur from November to March. Recommend the use of 2 or 3 together to accommodate the size of the waves. The village where SOLSURF Retreat is located only has 20 inhabitants, most related by family ties. It is a haven sustainable, comfortable and traditional while surfing. They have 3 rooms for 7 people and overlooking a calm lagoon. Invest part of the business benefits in the local community. .

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