Olavaquero Río Nexpa

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Olavaquero is an exclusive villa surrounded by vegetation located in Rio Nexpa, a small village with rustic atmosphere and still untouched by mass tourism. Rio Nexpa is an internationally recognized surf destination in the state of Michoacan in the southern Pacific coast of Mexico. The city of Caleta De Campos, 10 minutes, with all essential services. The villa is on a deserted beach far enough from Rio Nexpa to offer absolute privacy.

The beach has a background of mixed sand and rocks pushed by the Nexpa River. The locals claim that you can navigate 350 days a year. It is possible to catch big waves or small depending on how far you reme. Nearby are other surf spots such as rights, Campos Bay, El Rancho, Troncones or Saladita. The best: exciting and uncrowded waves.

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