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Classes Atlantic Riders surf SurfLife develop in Amoreira Beach in Aljezur and within the Algarve region. This is a very nice and full beach and has sand dunes, a picturesque river, a fascinating lagoon, cliffs and reefs. Amoreira lagoon is filled with the tide and is excellent for swimming.

Surfcamp offer includes 5 days surf lessons for beginners or intermediate, surfing equipment and free use of it in your spare time with supervision of instructors, welcome barbecue, 1 lesson of yoga and accommodation of your choice. The groups are not more than 8 people to ensure personalized attention. They also include video coaching to help you work posture or polishing turns. If you want to surf for free, on the beach of Amoreira it is its center where you can rent surf boards and wetsuits. They have an exclusive concession from the beach for water sports, ensuring a free space of bathers The Surfcamp consists of 5 houses with a total of 26 beds. Whether you are looking for a private room as a space shared with other surfers, you will find it.

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