Perfect Day Surf Camp

Suitable for kids
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Perfect Day Surf Camp since 2001 has been offering surf lessons and surf camps for children, adolescents and adults in Santa Monica Beach, Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, in the sunny state of California. They are by Quiksilver and Roxy, companies sponsored surf market leaders.

The courses are for all levels and ages, with perfectly trained and certified to teach in rescue and first aid instructors. Beginners surfers are attended at all times in the water by an instructor. For the most skilled, the ratio of students per instructor is 5: 1. The atmosphere is very safe for you pick up confidence with the board and the beaches are sandy bottom so there is no danger. Experienced surfers sail all day and learn the tricks needed to reach the next level. Give full flexibility to create your own schedule at your convenience.

Summer is the time when the surf camps for 8- to 17 years and beach camps for children 4 to 7 years are made. They aim to educate young people on how to understand the ocean, waves and surf. They have a beach club where parents can enjoy a swimming pool, sign up for classes or yoga Stand Up Paddle, and relax on the sun while your children are surfing.

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