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Las cuentas de surf camps que lo petan en Instagram
06 · 20 · 2019Por Alvaro Pastor
Social networks are not just a reflection of what people want to show about themselves or their personality. We find profiles of almost anything imaginable for the human mind. Businesses and companies have quickly realized the importance they have for a good marketing strategy. Therefore, for a business like a surf camp it is essential to have a good management of them to increase the scope and...
Instagram Live
04 · 19 · 2017Por Laura Vilchez
Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has seen a massive increase in popularity and has slowly become an essential part of our everyday lives, simply because it provides the perfect platform to showcase what we want our followers to see, whether that be our personal or our professional side. Given the importance of humanizing the companies that exist in our current society in order to relate to...