Ride the Waves and Embrace Nature: Discover Bio Surf Camp in Suances

Spain ➝ Cantabria ➝ Suances

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Bio Surf Camp is located in Suances, a unique enclave surrounded by three high quality beaches for surfing. Los Locos Beach, declared in 2012 the third reserve of the Surf of Europe, is highly appreciated in the summer because there are usually waves of initiation and because the most summery wind. If there are very small waves, the beach of La Tabía is the most open to the sea and receives waves practically all year. If the background is large, the beach of La Concha, sheltering the cliffs, receives smaller waves and even on wind days, the most common throughout the year, the beach is ideal for the initiation to the initiation of the surf. In addition, Bio Surf Camp is located in a privileged green area of ​​the Villa de Suances at 300 m from the center, in a walking area where there are no noise or circulation, just neighborhood and there is always parking at the door, becoming a charming place away from noise and stress, but very close to the center and beaches. In addition, they have high quality surf material and monitors entitled with extensive experience in surfing, in the teaching of this sport and a very close and professional aptitude to learn enjoying the waves. If you are looking for an enclave recognized for the quality of its waves and its tranquility, Bio Surf Camp is the ideal Camp Surf for you.