A surf trip from which you will never want to return.

Spain ➝ Canary Islands ➝ Fuerteventura

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In their impressive 25-year journey as a fully qualified surf instructor, lifeguard, and personal coach, they've had the privilege of introducing people to the joys of surfing at every level and age group. Whether it's a casual hobby, a passionate pursuit, or an all-consuming surf obsession, they've been a part of it all!
Now, alongside the Hotzone Private Surf team, they're here to take you on an exciting and fulfilling adventure along Fuerteventura's diverse and stunning coastline in the Canary Islands – often referred to as Europe's Hawai'i.
With their deep local knowledge and extensive experience in surf coaching, they'll scout the best surf spots and conditions for the day, tailored to both your skill level and personality. Your safety and enjoyment are paramount.
They're committed to creating a personalized surf program based on your desires and goals. As a team, their mission is to inspire and support your growth and surf development.

From the world-renowned waves in and around Corralejo and Cotillo in the North Coast of Fuerteventura to the picturesque beaches on the East Coast, Hotzone Private Surf is your ticket to a focused, rewarding, and authentic surf experience.
Their belief is that everyone should have the chance to experience the thrill of surfing. At Hotzone Private Surf, they cater to all ages and ability levels. They take pride in offering each client a genuinely authentic surf adventure.

When you book with Hotzone Private Surf in Fuerteventura, you'll benefit from a maximum ratio of 3 people per qualified surf instructor, along with an assistant surf instructor. This ensures the highest quality of instruction and safety. It also provides the personal attention and authentic feel of a private coaching session.

Their approach focuses on improving your ability to read and understand the ocean, allowing you to catch more waves. In fact, this method can double to quadruple the number of waves you catch compared to traditional surf school classes. These techniques will stay with you throughout your surfing journey.

In a nutshell, more waves, more fun, more experience! When you start your surfing basics with Hotzone Private Surf, you'll receive the best possible introduction to the sport, tailored to the conditions of the day. Before hitting the waves, they'll chat with you about your sports background and connection to the ocean. This helps them tailor the lesson to your specific needs.
As you search together for the right waves or before the lesson begins, they'll provide a brief introduction to the equipment, including the board selected for you. You'll warm up together, learning the difference between getting caught by the waves and catching them yourself.

Once you're comfortable catching waves solo, you'll progress to the next stage. Depending on your timing and behavior in the water, they'll either omit or include specific steps to make the most of your session. This ensures you build your skills and water confidence while having tons of fun. The session ends with feedback exchange from the day.

After all these years, their greatest joy is planting the seed of surfing and watching it grow into confident, skilled surfers. In some cases, clients have become competent surf instructors themselves, opening surf schools worldwide and sharing their passion. If you already have some experience in the water, you can book an intermediate surf lesson. Whether it's fine-tuning your pop-up technique or enhancing your skills in the line-up, they're here to help.

While seeking the right surf spot that matches your skill set, they'll discuss the local spots you pass and cater the lesson to your specific goals for the day. They always strive to find less crowded spots, ensuring you get more waves and longer rides to become a better surfer. Whether you ride a shortboard or a longboard, if you want to work on more advanced moves like radical turns, floaters, or 360s, they're ready to assist.

Hotzone Private Surf offers a wide selection of surfboards ranging from 5'4" to 9'6". Whether you have one week or ten years of experience, they're delighted to provide you with the exact information and tips needed to help you improve. This knowledge can accompany you back to your home spot or on your next surf adventure.
Having been a former competition surfer themselves, they can prepare you for competition stress management and help you enhance your scores. They offer guidance on nutrition, fitness, and mindset to boost your confidence during competitions.

The full surf lessons include board hire, wetsuit, water, and fruit. Plus, transfer to the beach and back is included for your convenience. Just bring a towel, swimwear, and comfortable beach attire. Safety equipment such as helmets is recommended and available, and there's a 10% discount if you choose to use your own equipment.
Join them in your surfing journey and quest to achieve your goals. 

When you choose Hotzone Private Surf, you'll not only receive top-quality instruction but also a memorable and authentic surf experience that will stay with you for a lifetime