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Kandui Resort stands as the unrivaled jewel of surfing destinations on our planet, and our astonishing 70% rate of returning guests says it all. If you're still in doubt, let us reveal the reasons why our guests keep coming back year after year. There's only one Kandui Resort, and it's where surf dreams come true.

Kandui Island boasts a surf experience like no other. With over 15 waves right on our island, there's something for everyone. From the world's top barreling waves like Kandui Left and Rifles to the playful breaks of 4Bobs and Karangbat Left, nothing compares to this surfer's paradise. Plus, within a 30-minute boat ride, you'll find 30 more waves waiting to be conquered. But it's not just about the waves; it's the Kandui vibe and atmosphere that make us unique. There's an indescribable magic about this stretch of beach that keeps our guests coming back for more.

The local Mentawai staff plays a vital role in the Kandui Resort experience. They are some of the friendliest, warmest, and most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. We're proud to employ nearly 100% local Mentawai staff, and their genuine hospitality is a highlight for our guests. As one of our long-term guests put it, "I came to Kandui Resort the first time for the surf, I come back every year for the staff."

All Day Ray Wilcoxen, the heart and soul of Kandui Resort, has been at the helm for almost two decades. His unwavering vision is to put guests first and create an unparalleled surf vibe. Ray's extensive travel experience before joining Kandui Resort gives him unique insights into what guests want and don't want. At Kandui Resort, our goal is to ensure you get surfed out, and we make it happen. With 2-3 30-foot Mentawai canoes and dinghies/jet skis, we transport you to the best surf spots. Our daily boat trips are included in your rate, and there are unlimited opportunities to catch waves.

Kandui Resort's Restaurant is where it all comes together. Our menu blends Western and Indonesian cuisine seamlessly, providing high-quality, healthy meals that keep you energized for the surf. We don't take advantage of our guests; Bintangs are always $1, mixed drinks at $3.75. The Kandui Restaurant is the place where surf stories are shared, and friendships are forged. It's also home to the best happy hour in the Mentawais, with free Bintangs every afternoon on our 4Bobs floating dock.

The Umas, built in traditional Mentawai style, offer the perfect balance between Western comfort and Mentawai charm. Clean, spacious, and equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, fans, and high-speed internet, they ensure a restful stay. We offer shared Umas for families, couples, or solo travelers, and for those seeking exclusivity, exclusive Umas are available.

Many underestimate the beauty of our Shoulder-Season (October – March). While other parts of the Mentawais face onshore winds and rain, the Playgrounds region, where we're located, boasts offshore reef passes that offer overhead surf with great conditions. Light crowds and fantastic weather make it the Mentawai's best-kept secret, perfect for those who enjoy fun overhead surf, barrels, and turns without the massive, intimidating waves of the in-season.
In-Season (April – Sept) is the peak of the Indian Ocean SW swell season. This time of year, the surf rarely drops below head high, with 1-2 swells per trip that truly get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you're chasing barrels at Kandui Left and Rifles or looking for fun waves at Karangbat Left and 4bobs, the in-season offers something for every surfer.

Kandui Resort boasts direct beach access to the most wave-rich location on the planet. With over 15 waves on the island and 30 more just a short boat ride away, every surfer's dream becomes a reality here.

When you choose Kandui Resort, you're not just choosing a surf destination; you're choosing a piece of surf heaven. We look forward to sharing the stoke with you, whether it's your first visit or a return to your surf family at Kandui Resort.