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Located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the oldest in the archipelago. It is an island of volcanic origin and is known as "Garden Island" for its abundant vegetation. The coast is dotted with numerous paradisiacal beaches and charming historical peoples. It is perhaps the most beautiful and authentic island of Hawaii. Kauai Surf School is located on the sunny Poipu Beach. They offer surf classes throughout the year; private, semi-private or in small groups. They are indicated for beginner and intermediate surfers. The basis of your teaching are the knowledge of the ocean, safety in water and fun. There are 3 -day surf clinics for families, groups of friends or just for you. If you prefer you can opt for the services of a surf guide to navigate the most indicated surf spots at your level. The professional surf guide will provide you with the knowledge of reef and waves, as well as the ability to train advanced navigation techniques. SurfCamp lasts at least 6 days. They can be exclusive for a group formed by yourself, for families and for girls. In addition, they give you the possibility of learning, if you request it, by the hand of one of the best teachers of the Billabong team. Kauai Surf House is located on Poipu beach and has several accommodation options.