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Lanzasurf, led by the passionate surfer Evandro Muñoz, has been riding the waves since its inception in 2006 as the 'Club Deportivo de Surf La Salta.' In 2012, it transformed into a surf school while keeping its core philosophy intact: sharing the love and experience of surfing with everyone, from beginners to advanced riders.

Safety and top-notch teaching are paramount at Lanzasurf. Their surf instructors are not only experienced but also certified by national and international surfing associations and are trained lifesavers. Plus, Lanzasurf proudly holds the title of an Official Surf School of the Canary Islands Surf Association.

When it comes to gear, they use high-quality equipment tailored to each student's skill level. And to ensure a personalized experience, they keep their class sizes small, with a maximum of eight students per instructor.

But what truly sets Lanzasurf apart is their belief in the surfing community. They pour their heart and soul into providing an unforgettable surfing adventure, making you feel like part of their surf-loving family.

So, if you're seeking thrilling surf moments and genuine camaraderie, Lanzasurf is the place to be!