Unwind and Unleash: Experience Surfing Bliss at Las Palmeras Surf Camp in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico/ Oaxaca/ Salina Cruz

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Las Palmeras Surf Camp is approximately 80 miles south of Hautulco, Oaxaca Mexico in Salina Cruz, which is a port city near the Gulf of Tehuantepec. The Surf Camp is located in the center, above a Beachbreak just south of the main spring of Salina Cruz. A large, comfortable house and a great place to relax. In Las Palmeras Surf Camp they will do everything possible to put the groups together in the same rooms or, if you travel alone, get a private room, depending on space. One of the keys to the success of this Surf Camp with the incredible views it offers from one of the beach breaking and the refreshing breeze that can be enjoyed at night, something that people really enjoy. In addition, it offers vegetarian food! You will also have at your disposal guides in which to learn meteorological phenomena and surf conditions on the coast of southern Oaxaca. You are looking for a place where to maximize your surf time, with quality learning in terms of tides and wind, your best option is the Palmeras Surf Camp. You will have a tailored learning!