Surf, Nature, and Authentic Living: Embrace the Ocean Lifestyle at North Coast Guest House & Madeira Surf Center

Portugal/ Madeira/ Porto da Cruz

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We spend most of our time in the ocean or close to it! Eight years ago we moved to the north coast of the island of Madeira. At that time, our work was to repair surf tables, but we did it at night to spend all day in the ocean. Later, we created the guest house and realized that we could have this connection with nature and conquer this privileged freedom to dedicate ourselves to what we love most: surfing, outdoor training and being in permanent contact with nature with nature , in addition to being able to share these. Experiences with people who have the same interests as us. The sea, the mountain, the guest house and the garden (where we cultivate our vegetables) have become our life, and we are ready to share them with you! Our surf School has a family atmosphere and the experience we offer is authentic. We are sensitive to your needs and adjust what is necessary to share our day to day and the activities to which we dedicate ourselves in the most genuine way. We want you to feel welcome and happy and also share with us a look at who you are and what really cares. Much more than a School Surf, we are a lifestyle! Our surf School is located in São Vicente, the capital of the surfing of the island of Madeira, and we are the perfect option for your surf experience or Supp Tours on the island. If you are a beginner, an expert, a professional athlete or you are curious about this lifestyle, here you will find waves that adapt to your level of experience in an impressive landscape. Our life takes place in the ocean, so we offer you a varied set of experiences ranging from surf to SUP: a unique experience or packages of private / group lessons, specialized training or only a couple of lessons for beginners, the choice is yours ! We will do everything possible to enjoy, in the safest way possible, of an authentic experience in which you will feel in harmony with nature and the ocean. We are the only table workshop on the island of Madeira (Madeira Shape Room), where we carry out all kinds of repairs and manufacture surf tables. We repair all kinds of tables: surf tables, Windsurf, stand up paddle, kite, wake and skimming, among other teams. Our tables are artisanal and customizable to the client's taste. We also ensure the highest quality in the maintenance of surf tables at the local level. Our workshop was created by Ruben Afonso, a Shaper and surfer who was born on the island of Madeira and who was lucky to know, work and learn from Shapers such as Gonçalo Martins, Manila, Abílio Pinto, Malcolm Campbell, Nick Uricchio and Grant Twig. Baker. By acquiring experience, it soon had the will and the opportunity to create its own surf tables: Blind Surfboards by Ceguinho office. We put our heart and our soul in everything we do, and we are always ready to welcome new people, driven by a genuine desire to share the best things in life: experiences! @North Coast Guest House North Coast Guest House was created by the same young couple who founded the Madeira Surf Center project, Andreia and Ruben, who decided to adopt a more balanced lifestyle doing what they love most and being more in contact with nature . This house was love at first sight and one of the main reasons why they settled in the wonderful northern coast of Madeira Island. North Coast Guest House is a simple house with an extremely familiar and relaxed atmosphere where they began welcoming friends and family, but finally realized that they could easily open their doors to the world and welcome more people. Passionate about sharing and discovering other cultures and life experiences, they soon realized that this was the environment in which they felt happier and more complete, and a way of traveling without leaving home as well.