Mission Surf: Empowering Communities, Preserving Nature, and Catching Waves in Chiapa

Mexico/ Chiapas/ Puerto Madero

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Mission Surf is the first club and surf hotel in Chiapas. A place to relax and enjoy local surfing and culture, while knowing that your stay will help make a difference in the lives of young children and adults in Chiapas. It has been developed by Mission Mexico with the aim of showing our beautiful natural resources and our rich culture. Mission Mexico is a children And warm days, Mission Surf is a business with a difference. The triple final result of Mission Surf is People, Planet and Profit. People: The main purpose of Mission Surf is to serve as a labor training platform so that young adults from Mission Mexico learn, practice and share essential labor skills. In addition, Mission Surf aims to provide community -based community programs in surfing, surf training and swimming classes. Planet: In addition to our emphasis on showing our natural resources, Mission Surf also aims to be a leading organization in our local community in terms of environmental awareness. We promote this through the cleaning of the beach, environmental education and our own daily practices. Benefit: Mission Surf is the effort of Mission Mexico to become more self -sustainable with the benefits of Mission Surf aimed at the Operational Programs of Mission Mexico that include: Education, Health and Care. In short, Mission Surf is a unique initiative aimed not only to provide a unique experience to our guests, but also to create a platform with employment and income opportunities for children in Mission Mexico, education opportunities and security practice. and healthy activities for our local community.


Ping Pong, Airport Transport, Common Room, Hot Water Showers, Parking, Cash, Breakfast, Grill (Barbecue), Kitchen, Tea & Coffee, Skateboard, Rope to Make Slackline