A hidden gem for adventure and world-class waves in Panama's Ensenada Island

Panama ➝ Chiriqui ➝ Quebrada de Piedra

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  • Spanish

Morro Negrito Surf Camp, founded in June 1998, stands as a haven for surf enthusiasts on a pristine island off Panama's Pacific coast. Recognized as a premier surf destination in Central America, this unique camp combines the thrill of surfing with a laidback atmosphere. Surrounded by multiple islands, each boasting its own distinct waves, Morro Negrito caters to surfers of every skill level. From dynamic, fast hollow point breaks to tranquil sand-bottom beach breaks, the camp offers a diverse range of surf possibilities. The picturesque location, complemented by lush surroundings, creates an ideal retreat not only for surfers but also for those seeking an immersive outdoor experience.

Morro Negrito's surf possibilities are as varied as the skill levels of its visitors. Whether you're a novice eager to catch your first waves or a seasoned surfer in search of challenging breaks, the strategic island location ensures access to a variety of surf spots. The surrounding islands contribute to the diversity of waves, offering suitable conditions for surfers with different preferences. The camp's commitment to providing an abundance of waves has solidified its reputation as a top surf destination in Central America, promising an unforgettable surfing experience for all.

Accommodations at Morro Negrito Surf Camp are crafted to offer a comfortable and relaxed environment. The basic yet cozy tiled rooms, with electricity and options for larger beds for couples, accommodate a maximum of 20-25 individuals. This deliberate limit ensures a personalized and intimate experience. The camp's communal spaces, adorned with hammocks and a multifunctional dining and recreational area featuring amenities like a TV and ping pong table, contribute to the overall laidback vibe. With regularly cleaned shared bathrooms, Morro Negrito provides a simple and comfortable stay in harmony with its natural and eco-friendly setting.


  • Surfboard rentals available.
  • Excursions : exploration of nearby mangroves for crocodile sightings, jungle excursions to spot monkeys
  • Hiking to a private waterfall
  • Fishing in the world-class waters surrounding Morro Negrito
  • Cozy tiled rooms with electricity
  • Options for larger beds for couples
  • Communal spaces with hammocks and sunbathing chairs
  • Regularly cleaned shared bathrooms
  • Central location for meals and socializing
  • TV and small library
  • Ping pong table
  • Filtered water source
  • Three healthy meals a day included
  • Accommodation for special diets upon request
  • Sodas and beers available for purchase