Surfing Paradise in Phuket: Nautilus Surf Shop at Kata Beach

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Located in Kata Beach, in the province of Phuket. Phuket has reached great popularity as a destination of Surf in Thailand in recent years and the offer to practice surf has been extended considerably. Phuket now houses three annual surf competitions: Kalim Surf Contest, in Kalim Beach usually in June; Kamala Go Surfing, in Kamala Beach at the end of August; and the Phuket contest, in Kata Beach also at the end of August. That has made a good number of international surfers meet at Phuket all years. Nautilus Surf Shop is located on the shore of Kata Beach. They were the first surf store to settle in the area. Kata Beach has very good condition to surf throughout the year and is perfect to learn to surf. They offer you surf classes for all levels, rent, purchase and repair of material. Its professionals will help you discover the entire range of coral barriers and sandy sand beaches, since they are great connoisseurs of the local medium. To stay they have private apartments overlooking Kata. In the surroundings of the apartments you will find numerous grocery stores, Thai cooking restaurants, bars and internet-cafés.