Surf and Serenity: Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Ohai Nazaré & Surf Complex

Portugal ➝ Leiria ➝ Nazaré

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Nestled within the largest ecological pine forest reserve in the Iberian Peninsula, OHAI Nazaré offers a natural sanctuary spanning over 8 hectares. Situated just 2 km from the charming fishing village of Nazaré and surrounded by the stunning Portuguese coastline, this resort seamlessly combines comfort with nature.
OHAI Nazaré offers an exceptional blend of relaxation and adventure for travelers. Whether guests seek serenity after a day of surfing or a peaceful retreat amidst nature, the resort has them covered.

More than 15 dreamy beaches grace Nazaré's coastline, offering unparalleled enjoyment for beachgoers. Long stretches of golden sand are considered among the finest in Portugal.
Visitors to Nazaré can explore its rich history and discover precious landmarks like the Círio de Nazaré, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

OHAI Nazaré welcomes guests to enjoy their vacation with their furry friends. The resort provides showers to ensure pets have the best experience during their stay. All pets should have updated health records, and dangerous dog breeds are not admitted.
While they adore nature, there's much more they love. Sports like swimming, cycling, paddle tennis, volleyball, and hitting the gym are some of their passions. They're also passionate about indulging in delicious, locally sourced cuisine.
Water holds a special place in their hearts, whether it's the sea, oceans, lakes, or rivers. You'll always find them near the water.
Spending quality time with family and having fun together is another cherished aspect of their lives. From pools to water parks, spas, and video games, they ensure everyone, including pets, has a great time.
Sometimes, they like to escape with their partner or a group of friends. Occasionally, they venture out alone for activities like surfing or hiking. They're flexible in how they enjoy their getaways, from sleeping in a bungalow to caravanning and even experiencing the trendy glamping.

Nazaré has been hailed by surfers worldwide as one of the best surfing destinations. Whether guests are seasoned pros or novices, the extensive sandy beaches cater to all skill levels. There are challenging waves for the experts and tranquil areas to refine skills or learn the art of riding the waves.
The connection between Nazaré and surfing has grown stronger in recent years, with world-renowned surfers achieving remarkable feats. The underwater Nazaré Canyon, located off the Praia do Norte lighthouse, generates unique swell conditions, making it a global surfing spectacle.
Whether guests are experienced surfers or curious about trying this sport, Nazaré is the place to be, especially when staying at OHAI, just meters from Praia do Norte, one of the most famous beaches known for its giant waves.
During their stay at OHAI, guests can take advantage of surf lessons in Nazaré, offered in collaboration with nearby schools, catering to all skill levels and ages.

OHAI Nazaré has partnered with the Atelier de Medicinas Integrativas to provide holistic wellness experiences. Guests can choose from a variety of massages designed to promote well-being.

Guests can explore the underwater world and observe dolphins in their natural habitat during the Nazaré Dolphin Safari. Ideal for family adventures, this boat trip offers insights into the marine life along the Portuguese coast.
Discover the world of giant waves in Nazaré with the Canyon North Experience. Learn about the Nazaré Canyon, one of Europe's largest underwater canyons, and its role in creating massive waves. Expert guides accompany guests on this exciting journey.

Experience scuba diving in Nazaré and explore the mysteries of the sea. Dive alongside fish, observe the underwater landscape, and uncover the unique beauty of Nazaré's marine environment. All necessary scuba diving equipment is provided.
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OHAI Nazaré offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the full glamping experience. It's the perfect fusion of nature and luxury, offering all the comforts guests desire while being surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.
Guests can choose from a range of OHAI Bungalows and relish the unique experience. Wake up to the fresh air of nature, and enjoy a drink with friends on the porch, creating unforgettable memories.
Selecting one of the Apartments for couples, families, or groups of friends provides access to all facilities, including the pool, bathrooms, restaurant, and more. Don't miss out on the children's entertainment and other activities available for apartment guests.

Explore caravan and motorhome pitches at OHAI Nazaré for a vacation close to nature without sacrificing modern comforts.