You can contemplate the Thai life way of life as it was.

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Nestled in Thalang, a district north of Phuket, Saltwater Dreaming Surf School offers a unique blend of surf education amidst the vibrant Thai life. Despite substantial tourism development, the area maintains small villages that provide a glimpse into traditional Thai living. Surrounded by beaches and national parks, Thalang is a picturesque backdrop for surf enthusiasts.

Saltwater Dreaming Surf School stands out as the sole surfing school accredited by the Thai government and certified by the NSSIA in Phuket. The school operates mainly on the renowned Bang Tao Beach, hailed by many as the ideal spot for learning to surf in Phuket. In adherence to international safety standards, the instructors cater to all levels of expertise, ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning experience.

The surf season spans from October to May, offering optimal wave conditions. During this period, Saltwater Dreaming Surf School conducts lessons ranging from basic concepts to advanced maneuvers. For those seeking a calmer experience, stand-up paddle lessons are available in the serene waters.

Immerse yourself in a five-day SurfCamp designed to transform you into an independent surfer. The school manages accommodation arrangements in various hotels and pensions across Phuket, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay during your surfing adventure.

Discover the thrill of surfing in one of Thailand's most enchanting locations with Saltwater Dreaming Surf School. Let the waves of Bang Tao Beach become your training ground as you embrace the surf culture and master the art of riding the waves.