Surfing Serenity: Discover the Hidden Pearl of Western Africa at Secret Bay Somone Surf Club

Senegal/ Thiès/ Somone

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Somone, a Natural Reserve and bird sanctuary, is a magnificent example of the beaches of Senegal, one of the most beautiful and best preserved countries in Africa. It is part of the region called 'La Litan Costa', 12 kilometers from the Balnearia city of Saly. There you will find many wonderful sites to see and you can practice a lot of outdoor activities. Secret Bay Somone Surf Club, in the quiet town of Somone, a hidden pearl of Western Africa, offers a very relaxing and natural surf experience, retaining its 'tranquility to the African'. The lagoon, in addition to its beautiful clear waters winding through sand banks, to the taste of the tides, is an ecosystem of respected and protected mangroves. The sumptuous fishing village, on the edge of a beautiful white sand beach, also has a bay between the sea and the lagoon, where they break the fantastic waves for our greatest pleasure. Somone is a rediscovered paradise where, in the space of a few days, your life will be much simpler and more pleasant.