Waves and soak in the sun at the water Sports Paradise.

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Surfing Skill Level

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Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

At Sports Mallorca, a team of passionate individuals is dedicated to making the sea and sports accessible year-round for both residents and tourists. The team comprises highly qualified personnel proficient in multiple languages, creating an environment filled with enthusiasm.

- Windsurf classes
- Kitesurf
- Bodyboard
- Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Classes are available for one hour each day at prime locations such as Can Pasteilla, Playa de Palma, and Portixol. Additionally, equipment rental is offered at very affordable prices for those who prefer exploring independently.

Specialized Camps:
- Surf Camp Pasteilla: Tailored for children and young people aged between 8 and 16 years old.
- Surf Camp Mallorca: A comprehensive experience in Palma Bay offering stand up paddle surfing, bike routes, beach games, volleyball, beach football, cabuyía, bodyboard, and more.

The Surf Camps provide a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in various water and beach activities, creating an engaging and enjoyable experience. Whether learning the intricacies of windsurfing or indulging in a variety of beach games, Sports Mallorca is committed to integrating the sea and sports into the daily lives of all.