The first and only surfing club in the province of Madang.

Papua New Guinea ➝ Madang ➝ Ulingan Bay

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Nestled along the tranquil shores of Ulingan Bay in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea, Tupira Surf Club offers a warm welcome to surf enthusiasts and ocean admirers. Here, on the beachfront, enjoy breathtaking views of the Tupira Right surf break, creating an ideal haven for those who appreciate the art of surfing or simply relish the beauty of the ocean. Tupira Surf Club provides a simple yet comfortable retreat for a truly relaxing experience in this idyllic region of PNG.

Conveniently situated 180 km north of the Madang township, Tupira Surf Club is easily accessible with a three-hour drive from Madang Airport. Founded in 2008 by the late Justice Nicholas Kirriwom, the guesthouse serves as a sustainable, income-generating initiative benefiting the local villagers. The traditional-style guesthouse comprises six twin rooms and an additional two-bedroom bungalow, offering added privacy for those seeking a more secluded stay.

Accommodation, Guesthouse: The guesthouse, featuring six twin rooms, can accommodate up to 12 adults. Thatched roofing and high ceilings ensure good ventilation and plenty of natural light. With its seaside location, guests can enjoy the cool ocean breeze and fall asleep to the soothing sound of the waves. Running water pumped from natural springs, two septic toilets, and generators for electricity provide essential amenities. For those desiring more privacy, the two-bedroom bungalow with a private balcony and bathroom is an ideal choice.

Two-Bedroom Bungalow: For those seeking a more secluded retreat at Tupira Surf Club, the two-bedroom bungalow stands as the epitome of privacy and comfort. Boasting exclusive features, this accommodation option is the ideal choice for couples, small groups, or families looking to elevate their stay. With a private balcony and bathroom, the two-bedroom bungalow offers a tranquil space to unwind and enjoy the coastal charm of Papua New Guinea. To secure this intimate haven, guests can book the two-bedroom bungalow at a slightly higher rate, ensuring an elevated and personalized experience.

Tupira Surf Club offers a variety of delicious meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From organically raised chickens to freshly caught Yellowfin Tuna, Red Emperor, Giant Trevally, Snapper, and occasional BBQ delights, the kitchen staff ensures a satisfying culinary experience. A fully licensed bar with cold beer, spirits, soft drinks, and bottled water complements the meals.

Explore the relatively new frontier of surfing in this region of PNG, with new surf breaks being discovered each season. From the classic Tupira point to hollow, heavy slabs, this coastal area offers diverse waves. Custodial ownership of land influences access to certain breaks, determined by village chiefs, adding a unique dimension to the surfing experience.

An unforgettable surfing experience and offers boat trips for an extra charge. Beyond surfing, engage in fishing for Yellowfin Tuna, bushwalking, bird watching, prawn fishing under the stars, and connect with locals at the nearby village.

Experience the essence of Tupira Surf Club, where the rhythmic waves meet a welcoming shore, inviting guests to savor the beauty of PNG.