Ride waves, embrace the Basque surf culture, and embark on an epic surf experience.

Spain ➝ Basque Country ➝ Donostia - San Sebastián

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Located on the Beach of Zurriola, in the city of San Sebastián. This beach is between the mouth of the Urumea River and Mount Ulía, and is the most open and of greater swell in the city. The right of Monas and the center stands out, with intense right and left. Zurriola Surf Eskola have their wide and modern facilities in this surfing room beach. They are the first center that has obtained the Quality and Safety Certificate "EHSF Label" of Surf schools. They cover the total practice of surfing, from initiation for children, youth and adults, to improvement and high performance. Its main objective is for your students to learn about the sea, respect made the environment and surf label, enjoying to the fullest. They offer courses in groups of no more than 6 students and 1.15 duration. There are weekly and weekend packages. The most advanced can opt for video regulations to detect bad habits and correct them with the instructor's help. They are pioneers in offering a summer school with Multisurf, where classes of daily surfing complemented with skate, longskate and coordination exercises are taught, together with the teaching of the functioning of the tides, surf history, water security, etc.