Alentejo Surf Camp: Ride the Waves and Embrace the Surfer's Paradise in Vila Nova de Milfontes

Portugal ➝ Beja ➝ Vila Nova de Milfontes

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The Alentejo Surf Camp is situated in the idyllic setting of Vila Nova de Milfontes, within the pristine expanse of the Alentejano Southwest Natural Park. This locale, once a humble fishing village, has gracefully transformed into a burgeoning tourist destination, yet retains a charm unmarred by the overwhelming crowds typical of the neighboring Algarve region. Graced by Atlantic-facing beaches, Vila Nova de Milfontes provides an ideal backdrop for refining one's surfing prowess.

Embrace the essence of the surfer's lifestyle with Aentejo Surf Camp, where a wealth of experience converges to facilitate both improvement and enjoyment for surfers of all levels. For those embarking on their surfing journey, a recommended choice is the 7 or 14-day surf camp. 

Discover the diverse surfs in the surrounding areas through the Surfaris, curated to suit the needs of beginners and intermediates alike. Meanwhile, advanced surfers seeking the liberation of unfettered wave-riding can opt for the Free Surf package, indulging in the comforts of the Surf Camp.

At Alentejo Surf Camp, you'll find a home away from home. The ambiance is both genial and laid-back, set within a three-story abode boasting five bedrooms and multiple communal spaces. The heart of Vila Nova, replete with a myriad of restaurants, bars, and discos, lies in close proximity, adding a vibrant dimension to the overall experience.