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Nestled in the town of El Campello, a mere 13 kilometers from the vibrant city of Alicante on the enchanting Costa Blanca, Aloha Sport embodies the integration of urban and residential spaces. This locale has evolved into a thriving residential extension of Alicante, harmoniously connecting the two cities. Spanning an impressive 23 kilometers along the coastline, the Beach of Muchavista takes center stage, continuing the legacy of the renowned San Juan Beach. Every stretch of shoreline in this region proves ideal for indulging in various nautical sports, a year-round possibility thanks to the region's favorable climate.

Aloha Sport, situated in this coastal haven, offers multi-day surf courses, each session spanning a rewarding 2 hours. The scheduling of these sessions is meticulously planned to ensure participants experience optimal and secure surfing conditions. This comprehensive course imparts fundamental skills, empowering participants with the knowledge to autonomously pursue their surfing endeavors. For the younger enthusiasts, Aloha Sport extends year-round courses tailored to their specific needs.

Beyond surfing, Aloha Sport is a hub of expertise in Kitesurf, Windsurf, Stand Up Paddle, Paddle Surf, and Kayak instruction. The center provides rental services for all necessary equipment, enabling enthusiasts to immerse themselves in these thrilling water sports. Notably, Aloha Sport operates an additional center on the esteemed San Juan Beach in Alicante, ensuring accessibility for a broader community of water sports enthusiasts.

Whether you are drawn to the waves as a novice surfer or seeking to elevate your skills, Aloha Sport invites you to embrace the diverse array of water sports against the stunning backdrop of the Costa Blanca coastline. With a choice of English and Spanish as the spoken languages, Aloha Sport ensures a seamless and enriching experience for all water sports enthusiasts.