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Awera Resort, an exclusive boutique resort nestled along the pristine beachfront, graces the enchanting Mentawai Islands—an area renowned for its unparalleled beauty and exclusivity. Just a short 5-minute jaunt from Tua Pejat, the capital of Mentawai, this resort boasts ten villas set amid lush jungles and the pearly white sands of Mentawai. Awera Resort has managed to preserve the allure of private beachfront villas and bungalows, enhanced by a fusion of international and Indonesian artistry and craftsmanship, with wood taking center stage in various forms. Here, you'll find a harmonious blend of comfort, wonder, and daydreams.

Surrounded by more than 10 surf spots, pristine mangroves, and powdery white beaches, Awera Resort offers the ideal equilibrium for those in search of both relaxation and adventure. As you step through the gates of Awera Resort Mentawai, you leave behind the cares of the real world and embrace the carefree, barefoot state of mind. Welcome to paradise!

Awera Resort offers a collection of ten individually appointed villas, each cocooned within its private oasis. These exquisite retreats boast personal infinity pools and are nestled amidst the captivating embrace of the jungle and the sea. Here, you'll discover a harmonious blend of awe-inspiring vistas, handcrafted artworks by local artisans, generously proportioned bathrooms, and opulent linens—all just a stone's throw from the majestic Indian Ocean.

Stepping through the gates of Awera Resort is a departure from the ordinary world. The Mentawai boutique resort stands as a bastion of sustainable luxury, where local customs and timeless beauty seamlessly merge with the highest contemporary standards of comfort.

Included in the villa rates are three delectable à la carte meals, along with a selection of soft beverages, snacks, coffee, tea, and the ever-refreshing coconut water. Your journey to relaxation and indulgence begins here.

Experience the enchantment of Nicholas Philip's exceptional culinary artistry at COCCÜ, where Indonesian and international cuisine transcend into a multi-sensory masterpiece. This avant-garde restaurant takes traditional ingredients and recipes, reimagining them to craft extraordinary sensations in each dish.

At WERA RESORT, COCCÜ's gastronomic offerings transform the act of dining into a sensory voyage, engaging all your senses. It's a realm where Nicholas Philip's signature cuisine takes center stage, fusing local culinary traditions with international elements to create a truly multi-sensory dining experience.

For wine enthusiasts, the sommelier has meticulously curated an exclusive selection that promises to delight both connoisseurs and aficionados.

Located within Awera Resort, one of Indonesia's most exclusive boutique resorts, COCCÜ is a premier dining establishment reserved for the private enjoyment of their guests. On Friday nights, they open up four spots (one table) for non-guests, offering an opportunity to savor the culinary wonders within.

Whether it's the captivating moments of any day or the breathtaking sunsets, COCCÜ Beach Bar, set in the outdoors, beckons with a tranquil ambiance. Here, you can indulge in an array of smoothies, international wines, and artisanal cocktails—an ideal place to unwind and connect with fellow travelers after a day of adventure.

Awera Resort is your gateway to the ultimate surfer's paradise in the Mentawai Islands, where you'll find world-class waves regardless of your skill level. The Mentawai Islands are globally renowned for one simple reason: an incredible abundance and variety of waves that are unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Whether you prefer left-handers or right-handers, rippable walls or perfect barrels, easy waves for beginners or challenging ones for experts, the Mentawai Islands have it all.
As one of the world's premier surfing destinations, this paradise offers a virtually limitless range of waves to explore. Awera Resort strategicallysituated itself within easy reach of a vast array of waves. Right in the bay by our beach, you'll discover three breaks, and they also have a fleet of boats ready to take guests to over ten additional nearby surf spots. With such diversity at your fingertips, there's always a wave to suit your surfing style and skill level—a true surfer's haven.

They offer a professional surf photography package to capture those unforgettable moments. Surfing conditions are in constant flux, influenced by factors like wind, tide, and swell size and direction. With their expert analysis of these conditions, they make the most of their boats to ensure the guests ride the best waves.

Surfing is more than just an activity; it's a feeling, a lifestyle, and a passion. At Awera Resort, they're passionate about sharing this love and enthusiasm with you. They understand the challenges of traveling with surfboards and the desire of business travelers to escape to paradise for some perfect waves. Awera Resort is your answer to a surf getaway that offers not only incredible waves but also unmatched comfort and luxury.

Awera Resort Spa offers an intimate space with a thoughtfully curated menu of treatments, where guests can immerse themselves in a journey of rediscovering inner well-being. The experienced professionals are dedicated to pampering you with imaginative treatments inspired by various Indonesian cultural traditions.

Within the Spa, their skilled alchemists transform beauty into physical form. It's a haven that reinterprets the essence of human aesthetics, where physical materiality is elevated through the use of top-quality products and treatments. Spa invites everyone to indulge in well-deserved pampering.

The breathtaking thermal pool, perfectly located, promises an unforgettable sensory journey of well-being and vitality. Take a dip and leave the world behind in the outdoor pool, nestled among palm trees and surrounded by the splendid panorama of the garden and the Mentawai jungle. The heated pool is equipped with massage jets, a jacuzzi, and neck massagers, ensuring profound relaxation with every soak.

Revitalize, soothe, and harmonize your body with a private yoga class or meditative breathwork led by world-class instructors from Samadhi Studio. You can also enjoy natural spa therapies tailored to your wellness needs. Awera Resort's yoga sessions create a sanctuary for the body, mind, and soul. The fragrant sea breeze and wild local flora create an enchanting atmosphere as you breathe deeply.

The yoga studio welcomes practitioners of all levels, from beginners to experts. With breathtaking views as your backdrop, two daily sessions provide a moving meditation experience like no other. Sessions in the shala are truly enlightening, offering the perfect environment to explore your inner Zen.


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