Azores Surf Center offers surf classes for all levels and from 7 years.

Portugal ➝ Azores ➝ Sao Miguel

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Situated in the picturesque city of Ribeira Grande on São Miguel, the largest and most diverse island in the Azores archipelago, Azores Surf Center is ideally positioned to explore the wonders of "the Green Island." Renowned for its breathtaking mountainous landscape of volcanic origin, São Miguel offers a stunning backdrop for surf enthusiasts. Ribeira Grande, perched on a volcanic plateau by the sea, provides a unique setting for surf exploration.

Surfing in the Azores Islands holds a certain mystique within the surfing world, attracting fewer foreign surfers despite the abundance of quality waves. Azores Surf Center is dedicated to unlocking the surfing potential of enthusiasts of all levels, starting from the age of 7. Approved by the Portuguese Surf Federation, the school ensures the highest standards, with all instructors certified by both the Federation and the International Surfing Association.

Classes take place on the beach of Milicias in the winter season and on the beach of Santa Barbara in summer. However, the surf point is dynamically decided each day based on prevailing climatic conditions. The flexibility extends to the schedule of lessons, always timed during low tide to guarantee student safety.

Azores Surf Center caters to both beginners, providing soft foam boards, and more experienced surfers, offering fiberglass and epoxy short boards. Beyond teaching the sport, the center is committed to fostering environmental consciousness. In collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation Azores, they actively educate surfers about caring for and respecting the marine environment.

For accommodation options in Ribeira Grande, Azores Surf Center provides recommendations tailored to the preferences of their guests, ensuring a complete and enjoyable experience on the stunning São Miguel island.


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