In a small city with attractive landscapes, aquatic sports and places of religious importance

Sri Lanka ➝ Southern Province ➝ Tangalle

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Situated in the charming city of Tangalle within the Hambantota district of southern Sri Lanka, Bandula Surfing School stands as a beacon for those seeking adventure amidst stunning landscapes, vibrant aquatic activities, and significant cultural sites.

At Bandula Surfing School, individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers, are invited to embark on an enriching surfing experience under the guidance of a distinguished instructor with over 20 years of expertise. Nestled amidst the region's breathtaking and virtually untouched beaches, students are transported to these idyllic locales via the iconic local mode of transport, the Tuk Tuk, adding a touch of charm to their journey.

Safety is paramount at Bandula Surfing School, with stringent security measures in place and all necessary surf equipment provided for a worry-free experience. For accommodations, a diverse selection of carefully curated hotels awaits, offering comfort and convenience without the hustle and bustle of overcrowding. Tangalle serves as an ideal gateway for exploration, with nearby attractions including the revered Temple of Mulgirigala and the pristine National Parks of Udawalawa, Bundala, and Yala, enriching the overall experience for visitors.