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Spain ➝ Cantabria ➝ Suances

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Biosurfcamp is an experience built on three fundamental principles.

The first revolves around the Bio philosophy, emphasizing respectful interaction with nature, tranquility, and repose amidst an organic garden and the surrounding meadows, forests, and caves that retain the magical essence of places inhabited since the dawn of humanity. Direct contact with the natural environment and its origins promotes health and well-being. Connecting people with the natural surroundings enables the enjoyment of simple pleasures often overlooked in our fast-paced lives—lying in a meadow under the sun, witnessing a sunset from cliffs, or engaging in conversations after an exhilarating surf session.

The second aspect is Surf. Surfing is challenging to categorize, existing between a sport of sensations and a life philosophy. An inherently appealing experience that, once tried, becomes addictive. Feeling at one with the waves, standing up for the first time, propelled by the overwhelming force of the sea, experiencing the speed of the water—surfing is an activity without age restrictions. Everyone, whether 10 or 60 years old, can have fun among the waves and feel the thrill of getting on a board for the first time.

The third element is the Camp. Staying at our surfcamp is an authentic experience. Glamping facilities offer all the comforts seamlessly integrated into a carefully prepared natural environment. Inspired by the historical force that attracted prehistoric artists to inhabit this region or Celtic peoples to settle in hill forts, we've created various accommodations with a unique flavor. A nomadic yurt crafted with local materials, alongside practical modern designs of bioconstruction, like the dome, perfectly blended amid palm trees and bamboo. Each corner has its story, contributing significantly to our camp.

All these elements create the ambiance where the true event unfolds. People from around the world come, share surfing adventures, enjoy open-air breakfasts, laughter, countless stories, and the camaraderie that permeates the entire surf camp like an additional aroma that nourishes everyone. Whether seeking more privacy or a social atmosphere, everyone finds their place in this surfer tribe, which, for a few days, constitutes the genuine journey to Biosurfcamp in Suances.

Suances is an exceptional surf destination, with three beaches within just 5 kilometers of the coast, each offering excellent conditions suited to various wave, wind, and tide conditions, ensuring optimal surfing regardless of skill level.

Moreover, Bio Surf Camp is situated in a privileged green area of the Villa de Suances, 300 meters from the center, in a pedestrian zone devoid of noise and traffic. The serene neighborhood always offers convenient parking, creating a charming retreat away from the hustle and bustle yet in close proximity to the center and beaches. Equipped with high-quality surf materials and certified instructors with extensive experience in surfing and teaching, BioSurfCamp provides a close-knit and professional environment for enjoying the waves.

If you seek a location renowned for wave quality and tranquility, Bio Surf Camp is the ideal surf camp for you.


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