Corky Carroll's Surf School & Camp Salta A Nosara, in Costa Rica, 4 minutes at the beach scripts, a stretch of almost 3 kilometers of beautiful white sand, with few people.

Costa Rica ➝ Guanacaste ➝ Nosara

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Languages Spoken

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  • Spanish

After honing his expertise in Huntington Beach, California (United States), Corky Carroll's Surf School & Camp sets its sights on Nosara, Costa Rica, just a 4-minute stroll from the picturesque beach scripts. Stretching almost 3 kilometers, this pristine white sand beach, adorned with minimal crowds, fine sand, and breaks in both left and right directions, is hailed as one of Costa Rica's most reliable surf destinations.

Distinguished by its immersive approach to surfing, the school's instructors reside on-site, ever-ready to hit the waves with enthusiasts at any time of the day. With the beach a stone's throw away and the water at an ideal temperature, it's customary to indulge in up to three surf sessions daily. The instructional journey kicks off with techniques for proficient paddle and surfboard handling. Throughout the week, participants refine their surfing skills through the proprietary Steps System, encompassing correct paddling, timing, wave capture, standing, and riding the crest of the wave.

Corky Carroll’s Surf School & Camp Costa Rica boasts spacious bungalows, purposefully crafted and designed to meet the specifications of a surf camp. Each room features a double bed, with ample space to accommodate a third double bed if three adults opt to share a room. The camp also extends a complimentary weekly laundry service. Adding to the allure of the experience is the delectable cuisine, offering an array of meats, fish, and other locally sourced fresh produce.


  • All meals included, prepared by in-house chefs
  • Smoothies, juices and beer
  • Tailored surf lessons
  • Complementary transport from and to the airport