Surf, Spanish, and Adventure: Embrace the Pure Life at CRSI in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica ➝ Guanacaste ➝ Tamarindo

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Located in the province of Guacanas, in Tamarindo. Here is a great culture of beach and nightlife to have fun both inside and out of water. CRSI offers surf classes for all levels. For experienced surfers who wish to explore the challenging surf jumps around Guanacaste, they have surf tours by Avellanas Beach, Little Hawaii, Playa Grande, Playa Negra and Marbella. After a long surf day you can relax with yoga vinyasa classes, totally free. For the CRSI team Yoga is complementary to surfing. If what you want is to learn Spanish in an immersion environment, why not try your surf & spanish program? They are associated with the Spanish Institute La Costera to offer quality classes in groups of 6 people. Students can choose to live in student apartments, with a Costa Rican family or on their own. They work with a wide range of accommodation for all pockets such as the Luna Full Hotel, Surf Breeze Hotel Room or the Captain Swiss hotel, one of the best of Guacanaste with numerous awards. They organize weekly trips to Nicaragua, Monteverde and the Arenal volcano, dance and kitchen classes, rafting and much more. Pure Life!