Its instructors are the best surfers of Jamaica and many are part of the National Surf teams.

Jamaica ➝ Saint Andrew ➝ Bull Bay

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Located on the northwest coast of Jamaica, in Bull Bay, a town belonging to the parish of Saint Andrew, Jamnesia Surf Club stands as a creation born out of a passion for surfing. Founded by dedicated surf enthusiasts, the club thrives in this Caribbean haven and extends its expertise to diverse audiences, catering to both children and adults.

With instructors boasting recognition as some of Jamaica's top surfers, several of whom are part of the National Surf teams, the club offers comprehensive packages inclusive of airport transfers, surfing lessons, accommodation, meals, board rentals, and a surf shuttle to various nearby points. 

Striving to make their services accessible to all, Jamnesia Surf Club provides diverse accommodation options, including bungalows for two or shared spaces. For those seeking an affordable choice, camping in the tents provided by Jamnesia Surf is also available, fostering a sense of camaraderie in this close-knit surfing family where many of Jamaica's premier surfers have honed their skills.


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