You'll come into contact with the culture and customs of the melanletic people.

Solomon Islands ➝ Isabel ➝ Barora Fa

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Nestled on the island of Barora FA in the province of Isabel, the Solomon Islands offer a unique and unspoiled destination in the South Pacific. Unlike more touristy locations, this remote paradise provides an authentic experience, allowing travelers to easily immerse themselves in the culture of the Melanesian people. The prime surf season, running from November to March, brings powerful Pacific waves to the coast. Kagata Surfing Frens, a locally-owned establishment, boasts expert guides with unparalleled knowledge of the ocean, ensuring an unforgettable surfing adventure.

Surfing takes place on the outer reef, separating the open ocean from the lagoon and islands. With two daily surf excursions, the guides navigate the crystal-clear waters to renowned spots like Lulu Left and Glen Right, just a 10-minute boat ride away. Waves reaching heights of 5 to 6 feet, or even more, create an exhilarating surfing experience. As a true Solomon people, Kagata Surfing Frens engages with the local community, with around 20 inhabitants, primarily connected by familial bonds. The accommodation consists of a comfortable three-bedroom bungalow hosting up to six people.

Embracing local traditions, the culinary experience is a highlight, with fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared by talented Solomon Islands women. The fishing is excellent, providing an additional source of nourishment. Airport pickup services are available, and for small purchases and telecommunications, the village of KIA, located on water, offers convenient access. Beyond surfing, guests can explore the vibrant marine life through diving, embark on fishing excursions, visit neighboring villages, and observe crocodiles in their natural habitat. Kagata Surfing Frens not only offers an incredible surfing retreat but also an authentic connection to the enchanting Solomon Islands.


  • Transfers to and from airstrip – roughly 1 hour each way.
  • Food and accommodation: Most food is local and organic, including fresh seafood, seasonal fruits and edible local delicacies. 
  • Mosquito nets
  • 6 inch mattresse
  • Pillows, bed sheets etc. 
  • There is a solar power system, (12 volts) with limited 240 v through an inverter (for ipod/camera). 
  • For cool drinks, ice cubes available for storage.
  • Surf Guides with minimum 2 transfers to and from the surf each day, petrol included.
  • Local guides: Crocodile tours, jungle treks, snorkeling, and optional cultural festivities and custom stories.
  • There is mobile phone reception nearby for those that want to communicate with friends and family back home.