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The Center and Surf School Surf Center gives you the opportunity to learn and develop the surf practice in the best conditions, because they have unique facilities to facilitate the practice and learning of Surf in a 425 m² place located in a privileged area, just 100 m from the beach of La Arena in Zierbena (Bizkaia). Rent material, take a course, train in the gym, leave your things in a safe place, shower after a good wave session or even buy paraffin. The Surf Center Arena offers you all this and much more. They also have a store with a selection of the best brands in costumes and accessories. Thanks to a modern and safe access code system you can have the showers, ticket offices, guards, gym, skate mini-ram and other services with total freedom, from 6 in the morning until 11 at night. They also put at your material disposal of the best brands: everything you need to enjoy a few hours or a full day surfing you can rent it in your center. They teach you everything you need to know so you can surf independently. Your courses include all the necessary material: table, suit, material, civil liability insurance, etc. All their monitors are titled and have years of experience in the sector. The center has a learning classroom in which the necessary theoretical part is taught before entering the water to start the practice. Try and also discover the Stand Up Paddle (sup) sports modality with which the trunk muscles and natural reflexes of the balance are enhanced. Slide on the sea by driving yourself with a row while standing in the table, and also enjoy the sea on which there are no waves. The Surf Center Arena offers special prices for educational centers and associations. Its surf approach goes beyond mere sports technique, knowledge of the aquatic environment and sea safety. Therefore, our courses also encourage teamwork and respect for nature. And if you already surf but you want to improve your technique, they offer you guided classes both inside and outside the water, adapted to your level to correct with you the failures, purify the technique, explain maneuvers and others.

The Surf Center Arena, renowned for its exceptional facilities, extends an invitation to individuals eager to learn and enhance their surfing skills. Nestled in a prime location just 100 meters from La Arena Beach in Zierbena (Bizkaia), this 425 m² facility offers a comprehensive surfing experience. Whether you seek equipment rentals, professional courses, gym training, secure storage, post-surf showers, or even paraffin purchases, Surf Center Arena provides all-encompassing amenities. A curated store featuring top-notch brands in wetsuits and accessories complements the diverse offerings.

With a modern access code system ensuring convenient access from 6 in the morning until 11 at night, visitors can enjoy showers, ticket services, storage facilities, a gym, and a mini-skate ramp with utmost flexibility. The center proudly presents a collection of premium equipment from leading brands available for rent, allowing enthusiasts to make the most of their surfing excursions. Professional instructors, all accredited and boasting years of industry experience, guide participants through courses that include essential materials like surfboards, wetsuits, civil liability insurance, and more. A dedicated learning classroom precedes practical water sessions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical aspects.

For those seeking variety, Surf Center Arena introduces the thrilling Stand Up Paddle (SUP) discipline, enhancing core muscles and balance reflexes. Participants can gracefully navigate the waters, propelled by a paddle while standing on a board, even in the absence of waves. The center extends special pricing considerations for educational institutions and associations, emphasizing a holistic approach that transcends mere sports technique. Beyond imparting aquatic knowledge and sea safety, their courses foster teamwork and instill a deep respect for nature. Furthermore, for experienced surfers eager to refine their skills, guided classes both in and out of the water are tailored to individual levels, addressing specific shortcomings, refining techniques, and elucidating maneuvers.


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