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Situated in the beautiful Canary Islands, offering a perfect blend of guaranteed sun and affordability. The camp is strategically located in one of the best beaches on the islands, creating a relaxed atmosphere for surf enthusiasts. Whether you choose to visit in winter or summer, the camp operates year-round, allowing you to enjoy surf lessons any day of the week. The Canary Islands are easily accessible, with affordable flights making it a convenient destination for an unforgettable surf experience.

Owned by Evandro Muñoz, Lanzasurf emphasizes safety, quality, and a shared passion for surfing. Evandro, a Brazilian/Spanish national, brings over 12 years of teaching experience.

Adaptable to all levels, Lanzasurf's teaching system focuses on passion and experience. From avoiding beginner mistakes to mastering intermediate maneuvers, qualified instructors create a productive, fun, and unforgettable learning environment. No specific preparation is needed, but enhancing one's physical condition can boost surfing progress. Running, swimming, and yoga are excellent ways to build strength and improve breathing, ensuring a remarkable surfing experience.

Lanzasurf provides various accommodation options within walking distance of Famara Beach, known for its fantastic surfing conditions. Accommodations include private bungalows, private apartments, and a surfhouse, all conveniently located in Famara Beach. Whether you're looking for a private space to unwind or prefer the camaraderie of a surfhouse, the camp caters to diverse preferences.  Guests can also indulge in yoga, massage, skateboarding, Spanish lessons, horse riding, and rentals to make the most of their surf vacation.

Additionally, the camp extends special offers for Lanzarote residents, school surf groups, high school and E.S.O. trips, after-school activities, and large families, ensuring a welcoming stay for surf enthusiasts of all kinds.