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Located at Otur Beach in Luarca, Skoolsurf's Surf School is a perfect destination for learning and honing your surfing skills. This picturesque location offers not only fantastic opportunities for surfing but also a serene and beautiful environment that's worth exploring.
Skoolsurf embarked on its journey in June 2008, thanks to the vision of founders Manuel Ruiz and Dani Aznar. Driven by their deep passion for surfing and a desire to share their extensive knowledge gained from years of surfing and teaching, Skoolsurf SurfCamps provide an authentic experience of days filled with surfing, fun with friends, and exploration of the Asturian coast's beautiful beaches.

SkoolSurf excels in both the quality of instruction and the selection of waves. They use their vehicles to scout for the best waves daily, ensuring that surfers of all skill levels have the opportunity to practice and improve. Whether you're aiming to advance your skills or are a complete novice to surfing, Skoolsurf provides the ideal setting.

The SurfHouse, located at 9 Anselmo Solar Street in Gijón, is a well-equipped accommodation facility that features a video correction room, Monster Energy room, Quiksilver room, Roxy room (reserved for women), and the SkoolSurf room. This facility is within a secure, monitored area with its private parking.

Skoolsurf's surf camps offer:
Two hours of surf lessons.
Equipment rental available throughout the day.
Small group sizes, with a maximum of 6 people per instructor.
Comprehensive Liability and Accident Insurance coverage.
Excursions to nearby beaches.
Convenient beachfront facilities, including changing rooms, showers, and a gym.
Optional skateboard and longboard lessons.
Enjoyable barbecues.
A mini skate ramp at the SurfHouse.
Wi-Fi access at both the School and SurfHouse.
Convenient board storage.
A spacious area spanning 600 m².
The opportunity to capture memories through photos and videos.