Ride thecaribbean waves in Punta Cana's hidden Paradise

Dominican Republic ➝ La Altagracia ➝ Punta Cana

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Nestled in the heart of Punta Cana, an idyllic destination in the Dominican Republic renowned for embodying the essence of the Caribbean, Macao Surf Camp stands as a beacon of surf excellence. Here, the sun-soaked landscapes, swaying palm trees, and dreamy beaches with crystal-clear waters create a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience. Unlike any other in the Punta Cana region, Macao Surf Camp is the sole school offering lessons for all levels of experience—be it for beginners, advanced surfers, seasoned enthusiasts, or those eyeing competition.

Emphasizing water safety, Macao Surf Camp ensures that their instructors are ever-present by your side, offering guidance and motivation throughout your surfing journey. Classes, available in both group and private settings, come inclusive of all necessary equipment, and convenient transportation from your accommodation to the beach is provided. As an added bonus, professional photography captures the magic of your surfing moments, leaving you with lasting memories of your experience.

Macao Beach, the chosen arena for these transformative classes, is a vast expanse of pristine white sand adorned with palm trees. Remarkably untouched by resorts, it stands as one of the few public beaches in the Dominican Republic, earning recognition from UNESCO as one of the best in the Caribbean. What makes Macao Beach truly exceptional is its abundance of waves, allowing surfers to ride one after another—an unparalleled experience for wave enthusiasts. Unleash the thrill of surfing at Macao Surf Camp, where every wave tells a story of adventure and the Caribbean spirit comes to life.