Surf, Nature, and Authentic Living: Embrace the Ocean Lifestyle at North Coast Guest House & Madeira Surf Center

Portugal/ Madeira/ Porto da Cruz

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Situated on the captivating north coast of Madeira Island, North Coast Guest House is the brainchild of the dynamic couple, Andreia and Ruben, who embarked on a quest for a more balanced lifestyle that revolves around their love for the ocean and a deeper connection with nature. Eight years ago, their journey led them to this coastal haven, where their initial endeavor involved repairing surfboards by night to savor all-day ocean adventures. Later, the creation of the guest house unfolded as a realization that they could intertwine their lives with nature and revel in the cherished freedom to immerse themselves in surfing, outdoor training, and perpetual communion with the natural surroundings.

The sea, the mountains, the guest house, and their flourishing garden, where they cultivate homegrown vegetables, have become the very fabric of their lives. Eager to share these passions with like-minded individuals, North Coast Guest House exudes a warm family atmosphere, offering an authentic and personalized experience. Sensitive to the needs of their guests, Andreia and Ruben adapt seamlessly to share their daily lives and engage in activities that echo their genuine way of living. More than just a surf school, they embody a lifestyle.

Strategically located in São Vicente, the surfing capital of Madeira, their surf school stands as the perfect choice for anyone seeking a surf experience or SUP tours on the island. Whether you're a beginner, an expert, a professional athlete, or simply curious about adopting this lifestyle, North Coast Guest House ensures a range of experiences tailored to your level of expertise in the midst of awe-inspiring landscapes.

Beyond the surf school, they operate the only surfboard workshop on the island, the Madeira Shape Room, where they undertake repairs and manufacture a variety of surfboards. Crafted with artistry and customizable to individual preferences, their surfboards reflect a commitment to quality and personalized service at the local level. Ruben Afonso, the founder and surfer, learned his craft from renowned shapers, eventually leading to the creation of his own surfboard line, Blind Surfboards by Ceguinho.

At North Coast Guest House, every endeavor is infused with heart and soul, and the couple welcomes newcomers with open arms, fueled by a genuine desire to share life's finest treasures: experiences. Rooted in a passion for cultural exchange and a profound appreciation for diverse life journeys, Andreia and Ruben have cultivated a space where hospitality knows no bounds—an environment that feels like a perpetual journey of exploration without ever leaving home.