Whales and waves: Embark on an uncharted surf adventure

Mexico ➝ Baja California Sur ➝ Puerto San Carlos

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Mag Bay Tours takes the thrill of surfing to a whole new level with its SurfCamp located in Puerto San Carlos, in the state of Baja California Sur, at the northern tip of Magdalena Bay. Spanning 50 kilometers, this bay is renowned for being the chosen mating ground for gray whales during winter. The town itself reflects the quintessential charm of Pacific ports—somewhat desolate yet undeniably captivating, revealing the hidden beauty of an unexplored Mexico.

This untamed region, often referred to as the secret Mexico, proves to be an ideal haven for surfers of all levels. Whether you're a beginner seeking the perfect break or an advanced surfer looking for diverse challenges, Mag Bay offers a range of surf options. The prevailing high seas winds ensure a day filled with continuous surfing excitement.

Mag Bay Tours goes beyond the waves, providing participants with daily surf lessons and three hearty meals a day, complemented by snacks available at any time. Choose to stay independently or opt for a private camp, immersing yourself in a full-shirt adventure in this unique Mexican paradise.