The surf spots of this area are very powerful and the waves can measure 6 feet in the winter months

Portugal ➝ Madeira ➝ Jardim do Mar

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Nestled in the serene town of Jardim Do Mar on the island of Madeira, Maktub House offers a quaint retreat surrounded by cobblestone streets, picturesque houses adorned with charming gardens, and the lush landscapes of banana plantations and vineyards. The mesmerizing views of the ocean and dramatic cliffs add to the allure of this tranquil locale. Jardim Do Mar has been a hub for surfing since the 1970s, with the town later gaining international recognition through hosting championships on the World Surf Circuit.

The surf spots in the vicinity are renowned for their powerful waves, particularly reaching heights of up to 6 feet during the winter months. Considered perfect for both left and right breaks, these waves demand the expertise of experienced surfers. Beginners are cautioned against venturing into these challenging waters without professional accompaniment. 

Maktub House, a quintessential dwelling in the area, boasts a delightful garden adorned with vibrant flowers and plants. The house features several cozy living spaces, a barbecue area, and a communal kitchen. Positioned at the heart of the town, Maktub House serves as the ideal starting point for numerous hiking trails that beckon adventurers to explore the enchanting landscapes of Madeira.


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