You'll love the black volcanic sand beach and the channels created among the mangroves

Guatemala ➝ Santa Rosa ➝ Monterrico

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Welcome to Marbella Eco Lodge, an enchanting family hotel nestled in Monterrico, Guatemala. With 11 beautifully adorned rooms, a pool, and a beachfront restaurant, this boutique hotel offers a delightful setting for your stay on Guatemala's most iconic beach. Boasting direct access to Monterrico's pristine shores, Marbella Eco Lodge promises an unforgettable experience in this coastal haven.

Monterrico is celebrated for its breathtaking beaches, and Marbella Eco Lodge ensures guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of these shores. From witnessing spectacular sunsets to engaging in recreational and sports activities like surfing and wakeboarding, enjoying horseback rides along the beach, or embarking on canoe explorations of the estuary—there's a range of beachside adventures to partake in. Whether you're angling in the sea or casting nets in the estuary, the hotel provides a gateway to a variety of coastal pursuits, ensuring a fulfilling vacation.

Accommodation at Marbella Eco Lodge caters to diverse needs, offering rooms for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 occupants, each equipped with silent air conditioning for optimal comfort. The hotel's bar and restaurant serve up delectable Spanish and Guatemalan cuisine. Guests enjoy the added convenience of free covered parking with round-the-clock security. Whether you're a family with children seeking a tranquil escape or a couple in search of harmony and the healthful effects of the beach, Marbella Eco Lodge creates a welcoming ambiance for a memorable stay. Delight in Spanish and international cuisine, relax by the beachfront pool, unwind in ample spaces for both adults and children, and make use of amenities like sun loungers, hammock areas, a private beach with palm umbrellas and tables, kalostenia exercise equipment, and complimentary covered parking with 24-hour surveillance. 

Explore the variety of secondary activities available in Monterrico, from boat rides and surfing to cycling, kayaking through marshes, horseback riding on the beach, whale watching excursions, canoeing in the estuary, and tours for bird and turtle watching. Marbella Eco Lodge ensures there's always something more to do, including water skiing, paddleboarding, jet skiing, fishing, and surfing.


  • Private pool 
  • Bar and restaurant offering Spanish and Guatemalan cuisine
  • Free covered parking with 24-hour surveillance
  • Silent air conditioning in all rooms 
  • Direct access to Monterrico's pristine beaches
  • Recreational and sports activities, including surfing, wakeboarding, horseback rides, and canoe explorations
  • Opportunities for fishing in the sea and estuary
  • Canoe tours for bird and turtle watching
  • Additional activities such as boat rides, cycling, kayaking, and whale watching excursions
  • Kalostenia exercise equipment available for physical activity
  • Variety of water sports, including water skiing, paddleboarding, jet skiing, and surfing