Discover the region of L'Horta, with their customs and garden traditions

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Situated in Alboraia, a municipality seamlessly connected to the city of Valencia, our locale preserves the distinctive essence of the L'Horta region. Imbued with the timeless customs and agricultural traditions of the area, Alboraia boasts an orchard that echoes the bygone era through its ancient alquerías and traditional barracks. The municipality is adorned with two coastal residential hubs: Port Saplaya and Playa de la Patacona. Alboraia proudly unfolds along 3.5 kilometers of pristine white sand beaches, seamlessly linked to Valencia's La Malvarrosa beach by the scenic Paseo de la Patacona.

Blessed with an exceptional climate, characterized by warm and inviting summers, Alboraia enjoys over 350 days of sunshine annually. Mediterranean Surf beckons enthusiasts to its surf courses on the sun-kissed Patacona Beach. Our beachfront facilities house a surf store, changing rooms, showers, a skate area, a classroom, and a gym. Our week-long initiation courses, comprising four sessions of two hours each, equip participants with all necessary materials. For those gaining autonomy in the water, our seven-hour weekly courses feature functional training and video analysis. Additionally, we offer individual classes and packages of 10 lessons. Special weekend classes cater to children aged 7 and above, with Stand Up Paddle and Skate lessons rounding out our diverse offerings.

Stretching over a kilometer, La Patacona Beach boasts expansive, open spaces and fine sand. Merely 100 meters away, the house-museum of the esteemed writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez stands as a cultural landmark. While here, indulge in the region's renowned "horchata," as Alboraia is celebrated as the "horchata spring" for its deep-rooted tradition in the city.