Where surfing dreams come true.

Spain ➝ Basque Country ➝ Zarautz

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Escape the ordinary and enjoy the tranquility of well-chosen accommodation. Zarautz, located in the beautiful Gipuzkoa region, offers a delightful blend of beach and mountain experiences. Egona helps visitors make the most of their leisure time, ensuring safety, comfort, and a taste of Zarautz's local charm.

They invite individuals to experience the magic of surfing. Whether complete beginners or those looking to perfect their moves, the dedicated instructors at Escuela de Surf Zarautz aim to make the surfing journey unforgettable.

Surfing is a magical sport, accessible to everyone. The joy of catching a wave and gliding on the water is an experience like no other. The school ensures that standing on the board from day one is made easier with the guidance of skilled instructors. The unique sensation of riding the waves and connecting with nature is emphasized. The progressive learning plans ensure improvement with each wave, making every day enjoyable and creating a closer bond with the ocean.

The surf journey is unique for each individual, and the school plans lessons progressively, ensuring that every wave brings improvement. Students can choose their preferred day and time, with the school available every day of the year. Learning to surf is facilitated by passionate professionals sharing their knowledge gained since childhood.

Completing the surf experience involves staying in the cozy tranquility of Zarautz. Egona, specialists in tourist apartment rentals in Zarautz, offer a range of accommodations suitable for various needs. From family-friendly apartments to beachfront havens, Egona ensures visitors feel at home during their stay.

Egona Apartments Highlights:
- DUKE: A sea-view apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom (33²).
- SALBIDE: An open-space apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom (33²).
- BAÑERU: Literally over the sea, with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms (73²).

Visitors can choose the apartment that suits their preferences, whether traveling with family, a partner, or friends. Egona, meaning 'Egon – To be' 'Ona – Good' in Basque, is committed to finding the perfect apartment, ensuring a secure and enjoyable stay. Their physical office in Zarautz welcomes guests upon arrival, providing support throughout the visit.