The mecca of the portuguese surf.

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Na Onda Surf School & Board Rental is situated on the beautiful beach of Foz Do Lizandro de Ericeira, known as the Mecca of Portuguese Surf. The location boasts kilometers of coastline with a high density of surf breakers, including renowned spots like Ribeira d'Ilhas and Coxos. With over 30 years of experience in surfing and teaching, Na Onda offers safe and enjoyable classes for all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers, including children.

They also provide rental services for all necessary surfing equipment, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the waves of Ericeira. Accommodation is available in apartments for 4-5 people, fully equipped with a kitchen and 2 bathrooms, in Foz do Lizandro. This convenient setup is one of the few accommodations available right on the beautiful surfing beaches of Ericeira.

A cozy Portuguese apartment in a small beach town, with the Nauonda Restaurant just 100 meters away for those who prefer dining out during their vacation.

Longest Running Surfschool in Ericeira: Na Onda is known for being Ericeira's longest-running surfschool, catering to complete beginners as well as surfers looking to enhance their skills. Specialization in Teaching Kids since 2003: With a focus on making surfing a fascinating experience for kids, Na Onda has been providing specialized lessons for children since 2003. The surfschool and rental station operate throughout the year, offering flexibility for surf enthusiasts, offers group lessons with a maximum of 8 students per teacher, providing an ideal environment for shared learning and enjoyment. Specialized equipment and lessons tailored for kids aged 7 and above, ensuring a safe and enjoyable introduction to surfing.
Personalized one-on-one instruction for surfers of all levels, ensuring individual attention and guidance.

Na Onda provides accommodation in private double rooms with en suite bathrooms, including breakfast. Options include rooms with balconies and minibars. Additionally, shared dorms are available, each equipped with a private bathroom, A/C, fan, and lockers.

Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your surfing skills, Na Onda provides lessons that cover fundamental techniques, timing, wave selection, and more.
Na Onda ensures the safety of young surfers, offering lessons in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German. Kids need to be able to swim on their own, and lessons are available for ages 7 and up.
For those seeking focused attention, private lessons with Na Onda cover various aspects of surfing, adapting to the individual's skill level.

Fun, relaxation, and safety, making it an ideal destination for individuals and families eager to experience the thrill of surfing in the beautiful surroundings of Ericeira.