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Situated in the Queens neighborhood of New York City, Rockaway Beach beckons as the largest urban beach in the United States. This 11-mile peninsula, abundant with diverse birdlife, dolphins, and even whales, offers a unique and vibrant backdrop for learning to surf. The waves, not overly strong, make it an ideal location for beginners, and the beach is easily accessible, just 50 minutes from most parts of the city via public transport.

New York Surfing Lessons brings the joy of surfing to the heart of the Big Apple. Individual or group lessons (3-4 people) are available, and you can even form larger groups with family, friends, or co-workers. The one-hour classes, available in packages of 4, 6, and 10 hours, provide a comprehensive learning experience. Special packages, including surf and yoga, cater to those seeking a holistic adventure.

During the summer months, immerse yourself in the surf culture with full-day, half-week, or week-long SurfCamp experiences. With surf material rentals available, you can fully enjoy the waves and escape the city's skyscraper stress. Rockaway Beach becomes a haven for surf enthusiasts looking for a refreshing break.

Before hitting the waves, every camp day begins with a land lesson. These lessons focus on helping students understand the ocean dynamics, breaking down each surf session to adapt to the daily changes in the water. New techniques are applied to ensure each camper maximizes their experience in the ocean. Following the land lesson, it's time to hit the water. Instructors are adept at identifying comfort zones, placing campers in groups that cater to their specific needs. With a diverse team of instructors specializing in various skill levels, from advanced to first-time surfers, everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding the waves.

At New York Surfing Lessons, the motto is clear: "The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun." Beyond learning the technicalities of surfing, the camp is dedicated to fostering a love for the sport, creating memorable experiences, and building connections with fellow surf enthusiasts.