White sand beaches, palm trees and beautiful coral reefs.

Indonesia ➝ Sumatra ➝ Nyang Nyang

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Nyang Ebay Surf Camp, nestled on the serene Nyang-Nyang or Masokut Island, offers a traditional Indonesian beach experience with a touch of modern comfort. With a capacity for up to 10 guests, this surf camp combines the charm of traditional accommodations with contemporary conveniences, providing a unique and unforgettable stay on the hidden shores.

Set against a backdrop of white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, and captivating waves, Nyang Ebay Surf Camp is strategically located within walking distance of renowned surf breaks such as E-bay, Beng-Bengs, Nipussi, Bank Vaults, and Pitstops, creating a haven for surf enthusiasts.

The traditional bungalows, designed like Indonesian houses, offer various options including Dorm, Double Bed, and Single bed accommodations. Equipped with Western showers and bucket baths, each space is adorned with fans, mosquito nets, and plugs, fostering a cozy atmosphere. The lounge area provides a casual setting for guests to share conversations and laughter with the friendly locals.

The camp ensures a comfortable stay with basic amenities such as surfboard rentals and sales, electricity, one fan per room, a refrigerator, mosquito nets over every bed, showers, and "Western" toilets, catering to the essential needs of every guest.

For surf enthusiasts, the highlight lies in the close proximity to world-class waves. With five surf breaks just a short stroll away, including E-Bay, Beng-Bengs, Pitstops, Bank Vaults, and Nipussi, guests can indulge in an abundance of quality waves, making it convenient for them to surf at their own pace.

To enhance the overall experience, Nyang Ebay Surf Camp offers All-Inclusive Packages catering to a maximum of 10 guests. Guests have the flexibility to customize their stay, taking into account availability and ferry schedules. These thoughtfully organized packages, aligned with fast ferry schedules, ensure a convenient and comprehensive stay.

Mentawai, with its captivating beauty and exceptional waves, promises an experience that surpasses expectations. Nyang Ebay Surf Camp extends an invitation to all guests to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Nyang-Nyang or Masokut Island for an unforgettable surfing adventure.