Surfing the Rich Heritage of Cádiz: Experience the Thrills of the Waves with Offshore Surf School

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Located in the city of Cádiz, in Andalusia, the oldest in Western Europe. Tourism is an important part of its economy, due to its beaches, local parties and the important historical heritage it possesses. Cortadura beach is the only virgin beach in the city and the most extensive. This beach UNE Cádiz to the municipality of San Fernando for a sand tongue and has an important Dunar system. Offshore Surf School offers surf courses for all audiences, without age limitations, level or physical condition. Initiation courses are focused on creating a solid base and comprising 3 levels whose progression is supervised and evaluated by monitors. Intermediate level courses are taught from October to April, when the size of the waves is adequate. Once completed a level test is performed. In advanced and improvement courses it is intended to refine skills and recycle poorly learned movements to continue moving forward and not stagnant. For this they rely on video-analysis and theoretical knowledge. They have bonds of 2, 5 and 20 lessons. Offshore monitors are passionate about surfing, ISA certificates and some, high -level competitors with several titles to their credit. They offer accommodation in Cádiz Inn Backpackers, in the historic center of the city. It is an lively youth shelter, 5 minutes from the waves, and with double and shared rooms. They have a sunny terrace on the roof. They organize endless activities to have a good time, such as flamenco nights, barbecues and night tours for the cozy and cheerful city of Cádiz, "La Tacita de Plata".