Surfing paradise in Gijón.

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Explore the lively city of Gijón, the capital of Costa Verde, known for its high quality of life, abundant services, and diverse leisure and cultural offerings. Situated along the iconic San Lorenzo beach, a hub for surfing traditions and host to numerous national and European competitions, Gijón attracts surf enthusiasts from across Spain and Europe.

Waves Surf School, located on the renowned San Lorenzo beach, provides surf courses suitable for all levels. Taking advantage of perfectly designated areas for nautical sports during the summer months, the school offers excellent facilities and one of the top rescue services in northern Spain.

Choose from surf courses spanning 2, 5, or 7 days, featuring the best top-quality equipment regularly reviewed and replaced for safety. Instructors, certified by the Spanish Federation of Surf and the Spanish Federation of Rescue and Lifesaving, ensure a secure and enriching learning experience.

Immerse yourself in a SurfCamp for 2 or 5 days, inclusive of accommodation, optional half-board, daily 2-hour surf classes, 2 hours of supervised free surf, and all necessary equipment. For children, special summer camps with or without accommodation are available, featuring surf classes and a variety of engaging activities.

Accommodation for the SurfCamp is situated in a villa just meters from San Lorenzo beach, nestled in one of Gijón's finest leisure areas. This location places you near Isabel la Católica Park, the Molinón football field, and the Asturias sampling fair. The villa offers amenities like parking, landscaped areas, individual or group rooms with bathrooms, television, and Internet access.

Gijón offers an extensive array of leisure activities, gastronomy, sports, fairs, and festivities throughout the year, ensuring that visitors are continually enchanted by the vibrant culture of the city.

Embark on a thrilling surfing adventure with Waves Surf School in Gijón, where the captivating Costa Verde meets the joy of riding the waves in the heart of this lively city.