Experience Khao Lak's tranquility and turquoise waves.

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Discover the serenity of Khao Lak, a peaceful town in the province of Phang Nga, embraced by the Andaman Sea. At Pakarang Surf Shop, surf enthusiasts are welcomed to experience the beauty of this tourist gem, known for its tranquility despite being equipped with resorts, restaurants, and leisure spots, offering a quieter alternative to Phuket. Key attractions include the nearby Similan Islands, Khao Sok National Park, and Phang Nga Bay, each contributing to the area's unique charm.

Khao Lak, once deeply affected by the 2004 tsunami and featured in the film "The Impossible," has risen as a testament to resilience. The town has been meticulously rebuilt, with a few monuments standing as reminders of the past, creating a destination of beauty and tranquility.

Pakarang Surf Shop invites enthusiasts to ride the waves along the stunning beaches of Khao Lak, celebrated for their long stretches of white sand and turquoise waters. With surf conditions suitable for all levels, from sandy Beach Breaks to coral reef breaks, surf spots like Nang Thong Beach, Bang Niang River mouth, Pakarang Beach, and Cape Pakarang await exploration.

Embark on a surfing journey with Pakarang Surf Shop, offering classes that include a surfboard and a skilled instructor for an hour. Catering to all levels, the shop ensures a safe and enjoyable experience in the waters of Cape Pakarang. The prime surf season runs from April to November, but waves can be enjoyed year-round.

For an immersive experience, Pakarang Surf Shop provides a simple yet cozy wooden bungalow directly on the sand, offering a perfect retreat after a day of riding the waves.

Embark on a surfing adventure in the tranquil embrace of Khao Lak with Pakarang Surf Shop, where the beauty of the Andaman Sea meets the thrill of the surf.