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Solomon Islands ➝ Isabel ➝ Santa Isabel Island

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This property is not available for bookings. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Papatura has been designed with the natural environment in mind, using local bush materials. They are highly environmentally conscious and have taken great care in planning and setting up the retreat. They've connected the bungalows, toilets, restaurant, and bar with raised timber walkways, they are wheelchair-friendly. The entire retreat offers a 180-degree view of the turquoise waters of the bay, coconut groves, and the Isabel mountain range, creating breathtaking sunsets.

The Deck Bar and Restaurant provide a relaxed, barefoot dining experience and are perfect for unwinding with a good book on the day bed, browsing through our library upstairs, or enjoying drinks with fellow guests at the bar.

Your stay includes three meals a day. They source their produce from local villages, ensuring freshness, and also offer some imported items. This region specializes in fresh fish and seafood, along with fruits, vegetables, and root crops like sweet potatoes, all prepared in traditional and homestyle cooking. Your menu may include salads, rice, pasta, pizza, and a variety of meats. The cook, assisted by local women, ensures you enjoy delicious meals while introducing you to new flavors.
They provide 24/7 access to tea and coffee, and the water comes from a spring at the top of the hill, always fresh and piped directly to the retreat. The bar is stocked with ice-cold Sol Brew beer, basic spirits, Australian white and red wines, sparkling wine, and a full range of soft drinks. The goal is to make you feel like a part of the "Papatura family" while visiting this unspoiled natural paradise.

Incredibly isolated Papatura's connection to the world is through satellite technology. All guests receive free WiFi, but they encourage a "NO PHONE ZONE" at the bar and restaurant to promote the art of conversation. Papatura takes pride in being a unique place where guests are encouraged to disconnect from technology and savor a tech-free experience. Come socialize, enjoy happy hour, and engage with other like-minded travelers.

All the bungalows at Papatura Island Retreat are crafted using traditional materials such as sago leaves and wild beetle nut. Each bungalow features spacious decks that overlook the Isabel mountain range and are just a few steps away from the stunning white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. They are nestled amidst coconut palms, orchids, and local plants, and come equipped with LED lighting, inner spring mattresses, mosquito nets, pedestal fans, and 240V Australian power outlets. Enjoy breathtaking views of the untamed dusk sunsets and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of gentle waves.

Dive Papatura is thrilled to introduce diving experiences for the first time. As the only operator in our island group, you'll have the pristine underwater world all to yourself. They accommodate a maximum of 4 divers for multiple dives or up to 6 for single dives. Is deeply committed to preserving the local marine ecosystems and environment. This area is rich with marine life waiting for you to explore. Situated in the Coral Triangle, the Solomon Islands boast some of the world's highest concentrations of fish, marine species, and coral. Now, Papatura offers comprehensive diving courses, including open water, advanced open water, and dive skill refreshers, all with SSI accreditation. The dive shop provides gear rental and tank fills. Learn in the paradise setting of Papatura Beach with no crowds, and benefit from personalized training courses. Dive into the beauty of the underwater world with confidence and skill.

Papatura Island spans approximately 270 hectares, featuring a small mountain ridge covered in lush tropical rainforest. This pristine landscape offers fantastic opportunities for walks and hikes. They are delighted to provide knowledgeable guides to accompany you and point out the hidden gems you might miss on your own. The staff possesses extensive knowledge of bush foods and plants, offering insights into what's edible or has medicinal properties.

During your walks, you'll encounter ancient cycads that have stood for hundreds of years, towering tropical palms, massive rain trees, strangler figs, exotic birds, and unique lizards and insects. You'll also discover small rock pools for refreshing dips and waterfalls where you can escape the midday summer heat. The walks vary in difficulty, and most can be enjoyed with a reasonable level of fitness.

Papatura Island a great place to relax from the mid summer sun.

This property is not available for bookings. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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